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Mantra Altered  
A snippet from Desire
When we arrived in LA we had meetings lined up with several potential clients. A few of them decided to meet up that evening for cocktails; I opted to go back to the suite, order room service and try to relax.  My plan was to attempt to eliminate the sexually wicked thoughts of me and that gorgeous man from my mind. Although I was 100% sure that shit was totally impossible.  When I walked into my hotel suite, I couldn't help but remember that gorgeous smile; those tantalizing lips and that familiar desire began to rise between my thighs.  The assistant booked us at Hotel Bel-Air. I was taken aback when I entered my suite. I made a mental note to thank my assistant for snagging the Grace Kelly Suite. She was a true gem.  The suite was breathtaking and the living area was elegant with vaulted ceilings. It had floor to ceiling windows along one wall that overlooked a beautiful private patio. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed the large Jacuzzi. Oh the sinful ruckus Ahman and I could conjure up in there! I thought.  I knew I was going to have a hard time sleeping, so I grabbed a bottle of wine from the wet-bar and said a quick thank you for our extensive travel budget.  After pouring a glass of Veuve Clicquot LaGrande Dame, I slowly savored the rich, luscious taste. Of course it went directly to my erogenous zones.  My nipples were sensitive and erect; I could feel the dampness in my thongs. I wanted Ahman so bad right then. I needed a release.  I needed to satisfy the sexual hunger building inside of me so I headed to my toiletry bag and pulled out old trusty,Mr. Mike.  “Oh well, guess he’ll have to do.” I whispered.  I lie back on the bed, wet my finger with my mouth and massaged my clitoris. I could feel the orgasm building deep inside my core.  I knew it wouldn’t take long. It had been festering since earlier that day when Ahman and I were on the elevator heading to our suites.  Shit, it just wasn’t working and I couldn't imagine staying in the suite all night long, feeling the way I was. I needed to get out. Be around other people to hopefully take my mind off of sex.  I messaged Ahman on his blackberry to see where they decided to meet up.  He responded instantly. Luckily they decided to have a few drinks in the Bar located inside of our hotel.  I washed my face, put on a little lip gloss, and pulled my hair up in a loose ponytail.  Flipping through the clothes that I hung up in the closet when I arrived, I opted for a Michael Kors jersey halter dress.  It hugged my body in all the right places.  The twist detail accentuated my small waist and flowed perfectly into my curvy hips.  Sliding my feet into a pair of Michael Kors Fagan leather cage pumps, I was ready to have a little fun!  As I was riding down in the elevator I imagined Ahman there beside me; so close I could feel him. His peppermint scented breath caressing my neck, his large hands exploring my body.  My daydream was short lived. As the elevator approached the lobby I shook my head vehemently trying to rid myself of those invading thoughts.  I had to stop, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be responsible for what happened.  When I walked into the bar it was like some magnetic force.  We found each other in the crowded room instantly.  I could feel that intense pull there and the wetness building again.  Wow, this was more than I could handle. He was affecting me in ways I’d never experienced before.  I wanted him so bad.  This was beyond dangerous.  And I knew it, but I was at a point in my life where I was willing to alter my rules a little and just pray that it didn't affect our business relationship.  He headed towards me and gave me a very nonbusiness-like hug; the kind of hug that insinuated the next move. He smelled heavenly.  I inhaled his scent; savoring its enchanting invasion of my senses. All of them! “Your cologne is amazing Ahman. What is it?” I probed. “Thank you. It’s Guilty Intense by Gucci.” he said smiling that wicked smile. “Perfectly named, I must say.” I purred. “Well Samaira. What can I get the beautiful lady to drink?” he asked. “I think I’ll have a peach martini with a splash of pineapple.” I said; courage building.  As he handed me the drink our hands touched. Damn, this man must have some kind of voodoo shit going on. That one touch had me wanting to hop on the table, spread my legs wide and beg him to lick me dry.  I had about two martinis in my system when my song came on. This DJ had to be tripping. Who thought about Come Inside by Intro anymore? That song had gotten me into trouble more times than I could remember back in the day.  I used to love that jam, and yes Ahman could come inside me, on me, beside me, any damn where he pleased as long as he satisfied my tortuous need to be fucked ASAP.I grabbed his hand and whispered “care to dance Ahman?” in the sexiest voice I could conjure up.Without hesitation he stood and led me to the dance floor.  Pulling me close, he started a slow-grind…. humming the melody in my ear. When the hook started he looked me in the eyes and sang “if you let me, let me come inside” and why could his fine ass sing too?  I didn't need anything else to make me any weaker than I already was around him.  It was too late.  We had already crossed the line as far as I was concerned. Either we could try to forget what happened so far; the chemistry that was so evident, the desire that was too intense to ignore; or we could go for it.  My body wanted to let down all guards, delete all mantras and see where this could lead us.  So, I opted for the latter and pulled him closer.  Grinding against his dick making sure he knew just where I stood.  The liquor made me bolder than usual.  “Ahman, I want you.  I know it’s wrong, against everything I believe in, but I need you.  I want you so bad right now.” I confessed.  His smile was confirmation that he felt the same way, not that I had any doubt that he would. “Come on baby.  Let’s get out of here.” he said grabbing my hand. Without hesitation I followed.  The elevator doors closed and he pressed the stop button.  We were all over each other in an instant. His hands caressing my breast, my hands massaging his dick; wishing that it wasn’t being restricted by his slacks.His hands moved from my breast to my hair, our tongues cohabiting in the same space. Desire was an understatement.  I craved this man.  He pushed me up against the elevator walls hard, grabbing a fistful of my hair he whispered, “Samaira, damn Samaira.  What are you doing to me?” his breathing ragged.  He pressed the stop button again so the elevator could begin its ascent. When we arrived at the 9th floor an older couple got on, their backs to us. Ahman pulled me against his erection; his right hand working its way up my dress. I shifted a little, opening my legs slightly so he could gain easier access to my generously inviting pussy.  He cuffed his palm against the lower part of my ass and stuck his finger inside of me. Thank goodness for big hands I thought.  I couldn’t help my reaction. “Ahhh” I moaned. The woman in front of us shifted uncomfortably and the man turned around, smiled at us and pulled the woman closer.  Thankfully, after what seemed like forever, we finally arrived at my floor. As we got off, I gave the woman a shy smile, grabbed Ahman’s hand; hurriedly leading him to my suite.  After clumsily trying to gain access to my room with the card key unsuccessfully, Ahman took it from me and opened the door, gesturing for me to enter first. The door wasn’t even closed before we were all over one another again.  I practically ripped his shirt off, licking his collarbone and working my way down to his nipples.  Sucking one, while my hand fondled the other; squeezing and rubbing gently.  He turned me around so I was facing the wall, and unzipped my dress tortuously slow. Letting it drop to the floor.  I stepped out of it and shamelessly kicked it to the side. His fingers reclaimed the spot they had found earlier in the elevator.  When he pulled his fingers out I heard him say “ummm, what I wouldn’t do to have that pussy riding my face right now baby.  He grabbed my waist and stroked my ass with his large hands. Ripping my G-string, he pushed me against the wall.  I heard his zipper come down and felt his erection against my back.  He rubbed his dick against my ass and when he entered me it was pure nirvana.  He planted wet kisses on the back of my neck, and stroked me so deep I swear I felt him all in my stomach.  His dick was exploring areas of my body I didn’t even know existed.  My orgasm was imminent.  I tried to hold back.  I wanted this moment to last forever.  It was one of those rare orgasms that build in segments; reaching heights that were unfathomable.  It was the kind of orgasm that was never-ending and left your body in convulsions and speechless so that all of the words that escaped your mouth within those sweet moments afterwards were completely incoherent.  It was building, I was there.  I could feel it and I could tell that he could feel it too.  I wanted to let go; wanted him to take me to Pluto. Now I knew what the rapper Future was talking about. Shit, I was seeing stars, Pluto, the moon, fireworks and every other damn thing you visualize when you were on the brink of climax this potent.  “No baby, I don’t want you to cum this way.  I want to see you when you reach your peak and I’m going to take you there tonight.” he said confidently.  Turning me around and raising my chin he kissed me passionately, fervently.  He lifted me up and rested his hands under the cuff of my ass.  I instinctively tightened my legs around his waist.“Baby, wrap your legs around me. Don’t be scared, I got you.” he scoffed when he felt my body stiffen.  I let go trusting him in that moment and did as he asked. My back against the wall; legs still wrapped around his waist, his strong arms claiming all of my weight.  He entered me again, kissing me like his life depended on it. Each deep, long stroke was a welcoming invitation to the threshold of my orgasm. “Don’t close your eyes baby. Look at me.  I need you to see the affect you're having on me right now.” he begged. “Shit that feels so good.  It’s hard; too hard to focus.   I can feel you so deep inside baby.” I managed to say; my breathing challenged as I inched closer and closer to freedom of this erotic torture.  “That’s it baby.  Damn you’re so wet.  All that for me?” he asked not really expecting an answer.  As I succumbed to my orgasm I lost all control.  My breathing sparse, my eyes clenched tight, my fingernails piercing his skin.  At the height of my orgasm, he grabbed my hips tighter, pulling me against his sex with an urgent zeal. His thrusts were deliciously rhythmic; strumming my body like a French guitar. I was so lost in this whirlwind of pleasure and erotic chaos. I could feel the orgasmic waves building inside of him.  A grunt escaped him from deep within, my name formed on his lips and released in a three syllabic chant. I totally lost it at that point and the past two months of starving my body of a real man unfolded all around him.  I screamed “I’m coming; oh shit I’m coming again baby. Damn, I can’t take this anymore. Please stop. Don’t Stop.” My own words failed me; contradicting one another.“Keep fucking me baby, don’t stop Samaira.  That’s it. I’m coming baby.” he roared as he released collapsing against me.  Our bodies entangled and drenched from the intensity of our passionate feat. ……………………………………………This is a reminder that nothing can take the place of a red blooded, well-endowed man. Don’t get me wrong, I love my toys too, but it’s something about kissing, touching, holding, caressing, carnal sounds…. That drives me crazy!!!