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Foolish Endeavors
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What the readers are saying...

"Madison Montgomery allowed me to take a trip of her life through her very own eyes. This character quickly became flesh to me. She was funny, adventurous, sometimes conflicted, but most of all. . . .real! I really enjoyed all the twists and turns, and ultimately the ending of the story. "Foolish Endeavors is a must read!" Kimberly Arrington, Author ~ Bogie Files
"I finished Foolish Endeavors in two days. I am so proud of you. Your book pulled every emotion out of me. Now I'm crying under the hair dryer!" K. DuReaux
"Foolish Endeavors" peaks into a painful reality of difficult truths that help some women discover who they are. It's an awakening to all the disappointments, challenges, heartaches, and obstacles we as women struggle to overcome.....a magnificent debut." M. Copeland